MEDIA MELTDOWN is a queer celebration of cult media, weirdo pop culture, and childhood nostalgia hosted by San Francisco-based drag performers and “roommates” (in the Biblical sense) Franzia Kafka & Piranha. We’re known for bringing you the themes no other drag show dares to tackle!  Our programming can be viewed on this site or over on our Twitch and includes:

  • Our main monthly drag show, every third Sunday! A full evening of curated drag performance celebrating some of the zaniest media known to queerkind. Check out some of our past themes below!

  • CINEMA 420: Our weekly cult movie watch party! Every Tuesday, you can join Piranha and Franzia as they watch some of the strangest films ever produced, plus you never know what drag performers may drop in to perform a number related to the film! 

  • TOTAL REQUEST DEAD: Franzia, Piranha, and friends curate an evening of some of our favorite music videos! Every 2nd Thursday!

  • CANON FODDER: Piranha’s nerd talk show! Piranha discusses recent sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero media, all the latest entertainment news, comic book releases, and more! We try to do this bi-weekly on Thursdays, dependant on our other programming.

  • HENNESSY’S GREAT BAKING SHOW: Every fourth Sunday afternoon, Hennessy Williams teaches us how to bake a scrumptious dessert, often accompanied by a cocktail treat and a handful of drag performances! 

  • LIVE EVENTS! Media Meltdown also produces regular live events around the Bay Area! Past parties have been held at the Stud and Makeout Room, with movie series produced with the Alamo Drafthouse - New Mission and the Roxie Theatre. Keep an eye on our social media to find out about upcoming shows!

Interested in having Media Meltdown produce for YOU? Good news: we're gay for pay! Reach out via our Contact Us page or directly at



  • UNIVERSAL MONSTERS (October 2021)

  • GUILLERMO DEL TORO (September 2021)

  • DISASTER MOVIES (August 2021)


  • DEEP SPACE NINE (May 2021)

  • MYTHIC CITIES (April 2021)

  • TWIN PEAKS (March 2021)

  • BETHESDA vs FROMSOFT (February 2021)

  • MODERN ART (January 2021)

  • SHREKSTICE (December 2020)

  • DUNE (November 2020)

  • MIKE MEYERS vs MICHAEL MEYERS - The First Annual Mx Meltdown Pageant (Halloween 2020)

  • CRYPTIDS (October 2020)

  • TALKING ANIMAL MOVIES (September 2020)

  • REJECT THEMES (Co-presented as part of Oaklash Sept. 2020)

  • GAME SHOWS (August 2020)

  • BANNED BOOKS (July 2020)

  • KEANU REEVES (June 2020)

  • PBS - One Year Anniversary Show! (May 2020)

  • STRANGE NEW WORLDS (April 2020)

  • CLAYMATION (March 2020)

  • SIGOURNEY WEAVER vs ANJELICA HUSTON (February 2020; Make-Out Room SF)

  • TOYBOX (January 2020; Make-Out Room SF)

  • HIGH SEAS (December 2019; Make-Out Room SF)

  • WRESTLEMANIA (November 2019; Make-Out Room SF)

  • EDGAR ALLAN POE (October 2019; Make-Out Room SF)

  • DR. SEUSS (September 2019; Make-Out Room SF)

  • NIC CAGE vs JEFF GOLDBLUM (May 2019; The Stud SF)

    Digital shows from June 2020 onward available for subscrirbers to our Twitch channel or for digital download in our store!